AML/CFT Standards: Ensuring a Secure Financial Landscape
Regulatory Backstop
Customer Identification Program (CIP)
Politically Exposed Entities (PEEs)
Global KYC Requirements
Digital Identity Verification
De-risking Strategy
Straw Man Accounts in AML
Source of Funds (SoF)
Source of Wealth (SoW)
Watchlist Screening
Shell Company
Compliance Reporting in AML
Adopting a Risk-Based Approach to KYC and AML Compliance
Third-Party Verification in AML
Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO)
Banking Secrecy
Compliance Policies and Procedures
AML Internal Controls
Customer Risk Rating
Due Diligence Checks
Crypto Regulations
Compliance Risk
The Role of KYC and AML Regulations in Preventing Financial Fraud