Source of Wealth (SoW) refers to the origin of an individual’s or entity’s financial resources. In the context of AML compliance, determining the source of wealth is crucial for financial institutions and regulatory bodies to assess the legitimacy of funds and identify potential money laundering or illicit activities. Understanding the SoW provides insights into the economic activities and transactions that generate the wealth held by an individual or entity.

Practical Example

To illustrate the concept of Source of Wealth, let’s consider a hypothetical scenario. XYZ Bank is approached by a new client, Sarah Johnson, who wishes to open an account and deposit a significant sum of money. As part of their due diligence process, the bank must investigate Sarah Johnson’s Source of Wealth to ensure it is legitimate and aligns with AML regulations.

During the account opening process, Sarah Johnson discloses that her wealth originates from a successful business venture in the technology industry. To verify her claim, XYZ Bank requests supporting documents, such as business registration records, tax returns, financial statements, and evidence of ownership in the company. They also conduct research to assess the reputation and credibility of the technology industry in which Sarah Johnson claims to have generated her wealth.

By scrutinizing the provided documents and conducting thorough investigations, XYZ Bank can determine the legitimacy of Sarah Johnson’s Source of Wealth and make an informed decision regarding the account opening.

Statistics and Relevant Numbers

To emphasize the importance of understanding Source of Wealth, consider the following statistics and relevant numbers:

  1. According to the Global Financial Integrity Report, illicit financial outflows from developing countries reached $1.1 trillion in 2019 alone, highlighting the need for robust Source of Wealth investigations.
  2. The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) highlights the importance of Source of Wealth as a critical element in the risk-based approach to AML, urging financial institutions to conduct proper due diligence to mitigate money laundering risks.
  3. Various high-profile cases involving politically exposed persons (PEPs) and their questionable sources of wealth have underscored the significance of rigorous Source of Wealth investigations.

These statistics demonstrate the scale of illicit financial activities and the necessity of thorough SoW assessments to prevent money laundering and protect the integrity of the financial system.


Source of Wealth is a vital component of AML compliance, allowing financial institutions to evaluate the legitimacy of funds and identify potential risks. By conducting rigorous SoW investigations, institutions can mitigate the chances of facilitating illicit activities and maintain their compliance obligations.

As the AML landscape evolves, leveraging advanced technology solutions can enhance Source of Wealth investigations and overall compliance efforts. This is where Kyros AML Data Suite comes into play.

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  • Streamline customer onboarding processes while ensuring compliance
  • Generate comprehensive reports and audit trails for regulatory purposes
  • Enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual effort

By implementing Kyros AML Data Suite, institutions can strengthen their AML compliance practices, protect against money laundering risks, and demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a secure financial ecosystem. To learn more about how Kyros AML Data Suite can revolutionize your AML compliance efforts, visit Kyros AML Data Suite.

Remember, understanding the Source of Wealth is a crucial step in identifying and mitigating financial crime risks. Embracing innovative solutions like Kyros AML Data Suite can empower financial institutions to stay ahead in the fight against money laundering and illicit activities.