Level up your compliance operations with Kyros

Kyros is a complete, single-API KYC and AML solution. Multiple sources, one simple dashboard.

What is Kyros

Kyros is a complete, single-API KYC and AML solution with support for more than 200 countries.

Kyros is specifically designed and developed by experienced lawyers for financial institutions such as EMI’s, banks, casinos, and cryptocurrency exchanges.

What do they all have in common? Strict regulations and requirements for KYC, AML and CTF procedures.

Our solution acts as a single source of truth across the organisation’s entire AML operation, taking the headache out of compliance.

Step by step

How does Kyros Work?


Kyros works in conjunction with your own back office or CRM-system. Kyros retrieves basic user information and transaction logs via API or manual upload.


Kyros analyzes the data and enriches it with supplemental information from premium third-party sources, including international PEP and sanction lists.


Advanced AI analyses the enriched data and automatically risk-scores users based on individualised risk parameters.


Kyros offers full transaction monitoring, with highly configurable alerts to trigger further investigation when needed.


Trigger on-demand strong customer authentication (SCA) via SMS and email; then generate credible PDF-reports for SAR-reporting on users and their transactions.


All compliance work is performed in the cloud-based Kyros Data Suite. All compliance actions are logged, allowing for easy third-party auditing.


You can use Kyros Data Suite on its own, or as an integrated part of your backoffice. Data can be exchanged seamlessly back and forth. API webhooks allow for automated back office decision-making.

Central functions

ID verification and authentication for KYC and KYB

Trigger Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on demand

PEP scanning

AML scanning

Automatically risk-score users using advanced AI

Live transaction monitoring with automatic rule detection

Document money laundering compliance procedures with integrated case management tool

Generate PDF-reports for Suspicious Transaction Reporting (SAR)

Fully GDPR-compliant AML workflows and document storage



We offer tailored services for companies in multiple industries, including companies offering financial services, marketing sharing economy solutions, real estate, retail, and e-commerce.

Financial Services

Financial Institutions face the toughest AML compliance regime requirements such as fulfilling minimum KYC requirements, performing CDD reviews, ensuring sanctions screening and similar requirements. Kyros can help your organisation be compliant with the standards in any market you operate in.

Market Sharing Economy

At Kyros we allow you to streamline your mobility business, deliver a frictionless onboarding experience for your users, as well as protect your physical assets. Our solution helps you detect and prevent cybercriminals from using fraudulent identification credentials. Kyros helps you maneuver the market sharing economy.

Real Estate

In the real estate industry, deals are negotiated through financial instruments or other banking channels. Regulatory AML/CTF services are available to financial institutions to detect human trafficking and money laundering through real estate. Kyros is the solution for your compliance needs.

Retail & E-Commerce

The e-commerce industry is growing at an exponential rate. In addition to increasing conversion rates, Kyros’s solution also reduces fraud risk and enables customers to enjoy an outstanding digital experience. With our ID verification and KYC solution, you can verify your customers’ identities in all the necessary ways.

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