Why Kyros?

Whether it is ride sharing, peer-to-peer or couchsurfing, the market sharing economy is definitely here to stay. This economy creates a lot of new opportunities, but also a lot of security risks that criminals can take advantage of – and they often do. With Kyros, you get easy verification, streamlined onboarding and secure conversions.

One solution – multiple verification services

We offer Driving License Verification, Passport Verification, Address Verification, Criminal & Background Checks.

Automatic and streamlined onboarding

Securely create a real-time user account to enhance the user experience. The onboarding process can be streamlined to reduce costs.

Secure and verified conversions

Enhanced conversion rates. Fraudulent subscription attempts are reduced and back-office costs are reduced.

Kyros helps your company maneuver the market sharing economy

The anonymity of the internet is taken advantage of by criminals targeting online businesses to commit fraud. The KYROS security solution helps online businesses of every type detect and prevent cybercriminals from using fraudulent identification credentials – and to ensure that transacting customers have their actual card with them. Kyros makes it easier for your company to successfully maneuver the market sharing economy.

Avoid fraudulent identification

It is important to know who your customers are, but also that the customers are who they say they are. Many cybercriminals leave fraudulent identification credentials. To avoid this, your business needs a secure and hassle-free solution for verification. With the help of Kyros, such verification becomes an easy task.

Card verification

It is also very important to make sure that your customers do not use someone else’s card. Kyros can help you verify your customers and their card information. We make sure that they do not use stolen credit card information when using your service or interacting with your business. Kyros is a quick, easy and reliable solution for verification.