Kyros is specifically designed and developed by experienced AML lawyers and attorneys for financial institutions such as EMI’s, banks, casinos and cryptocurrency exchanges, which all have strict requirements for KYC, AML and CTF procedures.

We retrieve the organization’s basic user information and transaction logs via an API or via manual upload; then check and vet this data against a multitude of premium information sources.

A complete, single API ID, KYC and AML solution with support for 200+ countries.

Kyros acts as a single source of truth for the organizations entire AML operations.

We make the complete information profile available via a simple dashboard; the cloud-based Kyros Data Suite.

Kyros can assist with multiple money laundering and broader regulatory compliance requirements:

  • ID authentication and ID verification for KYC/KYB
  • Trigger Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) on request
  • PEP scanning
  • AML scanning
  • Automatically risk-profile users
  • Advanced transaction monitoring with automatic rule detection
  • Documenting money laundering compliance procedures, with integrated case management tool
  • Creating strong AML procedure flows
  • GDPR compliant document storage
  • Generate PDF document packages for Suspicious Transaction Reporting (SAR)

How does Kyros work?

Data is sent via API or uploaded manually:
• Full name
• Date of Birth
• Country
• Transactions (if any)

Kyros Data Suite: Dashboard

In the dashboard, AML workers have easy access to a workbench, allowing them to see all users in the system.

Users can be automatically flagged for further processing with advanced detection rules, based on either user information or transaction monitoring.

The integrated case handling system allows for easy workflows for compliance operations.

Kyros Data Suite: User details

Each imported user gets his/her own data sheet.

The data sheet collects all available information about the user and the associated transactions.

All data is enriched by Kyros’s various information sources.

Kyros Data Suite: Data sources

A myriad of online data sources can be turned on and off – and be retrieved either automatically upon registration or manually.

All retrieved data is stored on file, aggregating an extensive battery of information for each user.

Updated answers to relevant PEP questions are kept on file, documenting PEP compliance.

Kyros Data Suite: Case management

Updated answers to relevant PEP questions are kept on file, documenting PEP compliance.

Documents can be uploaded to the system in a GDPR compliant fashion, allowing for easy retrieval of supporting KYC/KYB information.

Supported information sources

Kyros constantly adds new data sources to its Data Suite.

The following are supported today:
  • Various online ID solutions, such as BankID, NemID, Mobile ID, DigiD, eID, Sofort Ident, OnFido, etc.
  • Trulioo
  • MemberCheck
  • Namescan
  • 1881 address verification
  • Acuris Risk Intelligence
  • Scorechain and BlockCypher Blockchain Analytics


  • Helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Improves risk protection
  • Streamlines compliance operations
  • Better detection by behavioral profiling and rules management
  • User-friendly system reduces manpower costs
  • Improved efficiency and faster processing of cases