Why Kyros?

Kyros is a single, complete solution for all your verification and onboarding needs. With an effective verification process, you save time and money during onboarding. We help you keep legitimate customers happy, while you build trust with your customers through our reliable platform – which is built to prevent account takeovers (ATO).

A more effective verification process

By checking whether government-issued IDs are legitimate or fake, Kyros ID’s document verification process removes friction at account opening. The goal is to provide effective age verification and a great user experience.

Keep legitimate users happy

The Kyros Chargeback Prevention Tool helps you keep legitimate users happy with their purchases, regardless of whether you do this check at checkout or in key moments.

Prevent ATOs and build trust

Having your credentials stolen by a bad actor is never pleasant, and could lead to serious financial trouble. Our platform is built to prevent account takeovers (ATO), which builds trust between you and your customers.

Increase conversions, reduce fraud risk and provide a stellar customer experience

The e-commerce industry is growing at an exponential rate. Online management has become the norm. In addition to increasing conversion rates, Kyros ID’s solution also reduces fraud risk and enables customers to enjoy an outstanding digital experience. To make sure the person purchasing the product is the same person paying for it, you should implement the right verification. With our mobile verification and KYC solution, you can enable and verify your customers’ identities in all the ways necessary.

Kyros is as simple as it is effective

Kyros helps you create effortless customer experiences, and we want to provide you with an effortless customer experience as well. Together, we find out what your e-commerce needs help with. Then you upload your data or we get access through an API. We check your customer data against our sources and provide you with easy access through the Kyros Data Suite.

Our goal is to help you succeed online

Get in touch with us if you need help with verification or onboarding. We can also help you with any and all compliance issues. Tell us your needs, and we will find a solution that solves your problems. We work with international and local, as well as big and small companies from all over the world.