Why Kyros?

Kyros is a complete, single compliance solution for your real estate business.We make onboarding easy, fast and reliable. Compliance does not need to be difficult – we help you reach the requirements. You can view our reports and data in the Kyros Data Suite – a user-friendly tool for your compliance officers.

Simplify user onboarding

There’s no need to let regulations slow you down. By managing your compliance risks, Kyros helps you simplify user onboarding while minimising costs.

Reach your compliance requirements

Our PEP and sanction screening service will help you reach your compliance requirements.

View detailed scan reports

You will receive detailed scan reports that explain your organisation’s potential risks in a comprehensive manner.

Kyros helps you secure your business against financial crimes and other risks in the real estate industry

In the real estate industry, deals are negotiated through financial instruments or other banking channels. Regulatory AML/CTF services are available to financial institutions to detect human trafficking and money laundering through real estate. Kyros is the only solution you need to meet regulations. We offer multiple compliance services in one solution. Kyros supports 200+ countries across the globe.

When do you need to implement AML/CFT controls?

You must implement anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CFT) controls as a registered agent if you:

  • Represent clients in real estate transactions or represent purchasers and sellers of real estate
  • Accept cash deposits from individuals who are purchasing real estate, above the limits set by your regulatory system.

More services that we offer to real estate companies

Kyros can help you move the auction along by speeding up the process and making sure that the tenant can rent the property quickly. As part of our B2B support, we can also offer you a legal team to ensure that you adhere to the appropriate regulatory requirements for your jurisdiction. Identifying who your offshore counterpart is is not always as easy as you might think.