Why Kyros?

Kyros is a complete, single API ID, KYC and AML solution with support for 200+ countries. We have extensive experience with financial services of different sizes operating in international markets. With Kyros you need no other systems for your compliance operations

One place for all your compliance needs

Compliance does not need to be difficult or time consuming. By using KYROS, you will meet any global or local regulatory KYC and AML requirements.

Achieve your digital goals

The digital world is a place of unlimited expansion and possibilities – if you navigate it well. Our goal is to help you achieve your digital goals.

Automated onboarding and verification

You can automate your global onboarding processes to reduce operational costs using our AI. We can achieve this by ceasing to build manual verification teams within our organisation.

Kyros is the trusted partner of financial services and institutions with tough compliance needs

Financial Institutions face the toughest AML compliance regime requirements such as fulfilling minimum KYC requirements, performing CDD reviews, ensuring sanctions screening and similar requirements. As a result, the quality of services that banks, creditors, MSBs, unions, and forex providers provide becomes increasingly case-sensitive.

KYROS ID verification platform can be used to establish customers’ verified identities via Digital KYC (Know Your Customer), and assess any associated risks.

All the compliance services you need in one solution

Kyros provides multiple services to fulfil your compliance needs. Our phone & location verification service is tailored for financial services with a need to verify their clients. We do adverse media checks for companies that need to make sure their clients or business partners are not tied to criminal activities.

Frictionless user experience

Our company understands the need for a frictionless user experience in order to provide rapid onboarding and increased service capacity. Keeping you in compliance with local and/or federal regulations is easy with Kyros’ user-friendly verification process. You upload your company’s information, we check it against our sources and your compliance team may view the information in the cloud-based Kyros Data Suite.